10 Tips for Making Your Wardrobe More Sustainable

Who Wants To Make Their Wardrobe More Sustainable? Here are 10 Strategies To Get You Started

Having a sustainable wardrobe does not just look good on you, but it is also good for the planet. It can be difficult to know where to begin when it comes to making your wardrobe more sustainable. Here are 10 tips for sustainable wardrobe for those who want to make a fashion statement that is good for the future.

1. Consider Your Sustainable Footprint

One way to make your wardrobe more sustainable is to first consider your own personal sustainability footprint. Think about what materials you are using in the items you buy and how you can reduce their environmental impact. Also, look at where your materials come from and if possible, support brands that use sustainable materials and make sure the materials are adequately sourced. This can help you make sure that your wardrobe – and your environmental impact – are both sustainable.

2. Buy Quality, Not Quantity

When it comes to building your sustainable wardrobe, you want to get it right. Consider buying fewer but higher quality items, as opposed to a lot of poorer quality items. They will last longer, which can save you money and help the environment in the long run. This means you can invest in items that you know you’ll love for years to come.

3. Choose Long-Lasting Materials

When purchasing items for your sustainable wardrobe, make sure you choose materials that will last. Cotton, wool, linen, and certain synthetic materials can all be good options that are easy to care for. These materials tend to last much longer than other materials and may even be easier to care for, because they don’t fade or shrink as easily.

4. Invest In Sustainable Fabrics and Fibers

In the same vein of choosing long-lasting materials, it’s important to invest in sustainable fabrics and fibers. Look for fabrics and fibers that are sustainably produced, such as organic cotton, eco-friendly wool, hemp, and lyocell.

5. Shop Second-Hand

Second-hand shopping is an excellent way to make your wardrobe more sustainable and save money at the same time. Shopping in thrift stores and vintage stores can help reduce the impact of textile waste, as well as provide you with unique items that no one else will have. Plus, you’ll also be supporting local consignment stores, which are often run by small businesses or charities.

6. Choose Timberland Shoes

Timberland shoes have always been a great choice for those looking to make their wardrobe more sustainable. They are made with recycled materials, and they have a commitment to using sustainable sourcing and technologies. They also have a sustainability program where they donate 1% of total sales to environmental nonprofits of their customers’ choosing.

7. Buy From Sustainable Brands

When shopping for a sustainable wardrobe, make sure you look for brands that prioritize sustainable materials, ethical labor standards, and minimal waste. Look for companies that use natural fabrics and eco-friendly materials like bamboo, linen, and upcycled fibers. Additionally, research the company to ensure that it has a commitment to sustainability, such as a recycling program or a commitment to eco-friendly manufacturing practices.

8. Shop Local

Supporting local stores and online boutiques is another great way to make your wardrobe more sustainable. It reduces transportation costs and the amount of waste that is created, since items are typically made closer to your home. Shopping local also gives you an opportunity to chat with the shop owners and make sure the items you are buying are actually made in a sustainable way.

9. Repair, Don’t Replace

Before throwing away a worn out item, consider taking it to a seamstress or shoe repair shop to fix it up. This can save you money, help extend the life of the item, and keep it out of the landfill. Plus, you can use the item longer and get a few more years of use out of it.

10. Reuse and Recycle

Finally, it is important to remember to reuse and recycle. If you no longer want an item, consider passing it on to a friend, donating it to a clothing drive, or selling it on a reselling site. This is one way to ensure that the item can still be put to use and doesn’t just end up in a landfill.

Making your wardrobe more sustainable is not only fashionable, but it is also great for the planet. Remember to do your research, invest in quality items that you’ll use for years to come, and stay true to your sustainable values. All of these tips can help you make a fashion statement that is both good for you and good for the environment.

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