3 tips for buying and selling sneakers

The resale of sneakers is an interesting market, because you can make considerable profits. The buyers are enthusiasts who build up their own sneaker collection. You also have pop culture enthusiasts, who wear sneakers almost every day. So how do you successfully buy and sell sneakers?

Find affordable sneakers

Sneakers were originally sneakers, but they quickly became must-have fashion accessories. Manufacturers are aware of this, offering a wide range of sneakers to meet the expectations of each user. So be sure to have a good financial margin, especially if you can buy sneakers at competitive prices.

The traditional purchasing circuit

Most sneaker retailers use this method to find rare or limited edition models. You can go directly to the distributors who work with the targeted brands. Establish a relationship of trust, allowing you to reserve the models you want to acquire. It is also possible to use and set up robot software. In this way, you are the first to position yourself on the sneakers that interest you.

You can also use e-commerce sites and online marketplaces. By contacting specialized sellers of rare and unique pairs of sneakers, you will be able to buy several Air Jordan 1 Low in different colors or the latest Yeezy and Nike sneakers, which are very popular with consumers.

Become a member of a community on social networks

Social networks are a real revolution in the commercial sector. You have several groups passionate about sneakers. You can easily find those who specialize in buying and reselling these types of shoes. You receive real-time notifications with every new post.

You can also ask for help from your community by specifying the models you are looking for. Several sellers will show up, allowing you to quickly compare the prices posted and get a good deal. Many individuals do indeed part with pieces from their personal collections.

Invest in the most profitable sneaker models

Some sneaker models are more popular and sought after than others. They have a very high market value because they are available in small quantities. It is also difficult to obtain them, hence the interest to bet on the rarity.

Identifying high-value models

Before jumping into the sneaker market, take a step-by-step approach to avoid wasting your investment. Do some research beforehand to determine which models are trending. You’ll get answers on social platforms. The sneaker enthusiasts will tell you which models are rare. You will also have an idea of the price of acquisition and the profit you can make from it.

Pay attention to the small details, in this case the technical specifications. Counterfeit products are flooding the market and some models perfectly imitate the original sneakers. You must therefore remain vigilant about the authenticity of the sneakers you buy to avoid penalties and loss of money.

Wait for the right time to sell them

Check the value of your sneakers regularly. You should apply the same principles as in the stock market. The value of the rarest products increases over the years. Sometimes, enthusiasts are willing to pay a very high price for them. As a result, you can easily make a profit of at least 75%. You will then increase your capital, allowing you to double the amount of sneakers to buy. However, it is important to have patience and common sense.

Mastering the circuits of sneaker resale

The resale of sneakers is of particular interest to individuals wishing to supplement their end of the month or set up a profitable business. Over the years, it is possible to become a professional reseller in this sector. The most important thing is to know all the outlets for your products.

Specialty stores

If you have a large stock of sneakers, become a supplier to sneaker stores. Many individuals come to these stores on a regular basis in the hopes of finding the sneaker models they are looking for. Depending on the type of contract that suits both parties, you can collect the amount you request directly. You can also opt for a percentage of the sale price. In any case, compare the advantages of each solution.

Online platforms

Faced with the profusion of sneaker retailers, some start-ups have chosen to surf on this trend. They have developed platforms to connect sellers and buyers. You have to open an account to have access to all the offers. You publish your ad and you conclude a transaction with the person who buys at the indicated price. Alternatively, you can also go through auction platforms. Prices can quickly soar if you have highly prized models.

Selling directly to individuals

Your account on social networks also allows you to resell your sneakers. You can also use the platforms specialized in classified ads. You negotiate directly with the buyer without intermediary. It is therefore preferable to take all the necessary precautions. Favour a meeting with the person for a physical sale whenever possible. Some buyers do not hesitate to report defects and ask for a refund. If you must send a package, always take a picture of it. Send copies to the recipient to avoid any misunderstanding.

Consumers are on the lookout for bargains. In particular, they look for the rarest sneaker models. These are produced in limited editions and are the result of collaboration between major brands and celebrities. These are, among others, famous sportsmen and singers. With their status as influencers, they allow manufacturers to have maximum visibility.

This marketing strategy also increases the value of the sneakers. This detail is taken into consideration when choosing the sneakers you should buy. You can find them on specialized marketplaces and various e-commerce stores. You can also partner with authorized dealers. As far as resale is concerned, be sure to find buyers among collectors and pop culture enthusiasts.

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