How to become an e-girl?

If you are a regular internet user, you have probably already seen some ladies with extravagant makeup and a very striking style of dress. These are e-girls. This fashion is now widespread and can only be seen on the Internet.

They are seen as women of another kind on the net with the particularity of their looks and many appreciate them to the point of dreaming about them. Is it your case? Then, discover in the following article, how to become an e-girl.

What is an e-girl look?

The e-girl look, explains leblogdelamode.com, is represented nowadays by young teenagers who are special because of their hairstyles, their outfits and also their makeup. The word designates a charming, seductive and full of life girl.

The “e” in e-girl means electronic, as in e-mail, electronic mail, e-meet, meet someone electronically, etc. Since e-girls only exist online in many ways, they are called electronic characters.

Like a rainbow, e-girls are decorated with bright and striking colors to not only joke, but more importantly to attract everyone’s attention and gain more views on the social network.

Presentation of the e-girl style you should adopt

The style to adopt to become an e-girl is inspired by the Asian culture. The style is very different from the other styles you see on the net all day long.

The cartoon style

On the cartoon channels, you like very beautiful fictional characters, in a universe of many bright colors, very colorful makeup, bewitching dresses and especially hair that changes colors all the time. You will sometimes see them with at least five colors on a hairstyle. This is one of the e-girl styles you can adopt to feel like a new skin.

The aesthetics of e-girls

The makeup style of e-characters is accentuated extravagance. It is more reserved for teenagers. You have to apply blatant foundation on your face, false eyelashes, hearts drawn on your cheeks tinted in pink. You must make up your eyelids with bright colors. Don’t forget your lipstick in striking colors as well.

The e-girls dress code

E-girls dress with a 90’s look. A custom t-shirt with wide sleeves, long sleeves with bindings, flared skirts, booties, pants with outdated, but captivating and seductive looks. As far as clothing is concerned, e-girls are rather reserved, with dark colors this time. So you should buy black or brown clothes to complete the look.

Accessories for the e-girls hairstyle

This is one of the main pieces of the look of this category of women. They are simple hairstyles, but woven to perfection to capture more than one person. They introduce dyes of various colors, clips of various colors, barrettes, scrunchies and bows. The most visible hairstyles are those that frame the face, leave the hair in the wind, or those that cover the head well with a cap. They can also make two simple and well decorated braids.


In the end, the e-girl described in this article is the one you will become after applying everything you have just read. Note that e-girls are visible thanks to an application called tik tok. The age of the e-girls varies between 14 and 22 years.

You will also find older girls who adapt this look to appear younger on the Net. The e-girls are normal teenagers who go to school or to work and it is confined to their rooms during free time that they have fun playing this game on the web.

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