How to clean fabric sneakers

By wearing them frequently or because of the perspiration of your feet during your training sessions, your canvas sneakers get dirty quickly. Cleaning your men’s canvas sneakers is therefore an action to be done regularly and not in any way.

Although you can do it by hand or with a machine, you must choose the products you use carefully so as not to destroy the quality of the fabric.

Hand cleaning of fabric sneakers

To clean fabric sneakers, you can perform a hand wash. To do this, you need some equipment such as a basin of warm water, soap, a brush and a sponge.

To carry out this cleaning, you must begin with the phase of moistening, that is, you must remove the laces and remove the stains with a sponge moistened with clear water and with soap for those that are more superficial.

The second step consists of brushing. You must therefore brush your tennis shoes in circles. Try to soak your brush and put soap on it. Once you have brushed your tennis shoe, rinse it. To do this, you must change the water in your basin and put your sponge in this water.

Then you just have to pass again this sponge on your basket to remove the soaps. The last phase is the drying phase. Here, you just have to dry the inside and outside of your canvas sneakers or tennis shoes in the open air. Be sure to keep them out of the sun.

Washing canvas sneakers in the washing machine

Another method of washing your canvas shoes is in the washing machine. Using this device requires only two phases. The first is to put them in the machine. It is thus to put the white tennis shoes in the machine. However, you must remove the laces and soles.

During this step, you should not wash your sneakers alone in the machine. This could damage the drum. You should wash them with other clothes. If your sneakers are white, wash them with white sheets for example. You can also put them in pillowcases to reduce friction.

In the second step, you have to dry them. It is more advisable to practice this one in the open air and not to expose it to the sun. In addition, to better absorb water and facilitate the drying, it is preferable to use papers.

Some products to perfect the washing of your white fabric sneakers

To clean your white canvas sneakers, you can use several products that will not only restore the shine of your shoes, but also whiten them as well. So what are these products? They are bicarbonate and dishwashing liquid or soapy water with vinegar or lemon.

By using these products, you can be sure that your shoes will regain their original color and shine. You can also use soda crystals. Toothpaste will also help you clean your shoes. Simply apply it to a toothbrush and brush your shoe.

White vinegar can also be applied to dirty areas to make your canvas sneakers pure. Another effective product for washing canvas sneakers is 70° alcohol.

Adidas sneakers: Stan Smith variations

Since its inception, the Adidas brand has been imbued with a strong philosophy. After all, it wasn’t just a question of a pair of leather shoes, but of quality shoes. Quality that is defined by durability, performance and safety.

All models of the brand have kept this philosophy including the Adidas Stan Smith model which is an iconic pair of the brand. Moreover, it is an essential model when it comes to sneakers that you must have in your wardrobe. Moreover, this model is available in a multitude of variations.

Of course, we are talking about leather shoes that will need to be maintained. The advice given above is therefore perfectly valid for this range. Of course, it is advisable to buy quality shoes.

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