How to clean your basketball laces?

The laces also deserve good treatment when maintaining your men’s sneakers. Indeed, if they are dirty or in bad condition, your shoe will lose its shine and its value. So you need to take care of them and clean them well.

If your sneaker laces are unfortunately too worn or unusable, we advise you to buy new sneaker laces.

How to do it? First of all, you should know that cleaning white and colored laces or leather laces is not the same. Each deserves special treatment.

How to make white laces clean?

To clean basketball laces, start by removing the laces. Washing them separately is more effective and convenient than washing them directly with the sneakers. To clean white laces, get rid of dirt such as dried soil or mud, it is more effective to use a brush or your hands, taking care to rub lightly.

You must then prepare a solution composed of 50 ml of bleach and 4 L of water. You can also use soap to make the washing easy. For cleaning, you should put the laces in a mesh bag and soak them in the solution for a few minutes. To shake well, you can use a spoon or a spatula.

For drying, it is best to do it in the open air so that they do not get damaged or shrink.

How to clean colored laces

Like white shoelaces, colored ones must also be removed if you want to wash them successfully. To remove the dirt or mud, you should also use a hand or a brush, rubbing lightly with your hands or with a brush.Then you need to fill your basin with warm water and lye or a certain amount of soap.

With this soap, the laces will be easy to wash. After that, you must let them soak in soapy water for a few minutes so that they are well soaked. Then you need to brush them, taking care not to brush them too hard. To rinse them, you must fill the basin with fresh water again.

Be sure to repeat these actions until there is no more dirt. To dry them, simply leave them in the open air and hang them over the sink or a towel.

How do I remove dirt from leather laces?

Cleaning leather laces is very specific compared to cleaning fabric laces. You must avoid damaging them. Also, to clean the dirt on the laces, it is better to use a small scrubbing brush as they are not too absorbent. You should then use warm water to soak it and then carefully apply saddlery soap.

However, you should avoid soaking the leather in soap to avoid discoloring or damaging it. To dry them, you must lay them on a cloth or on an old newspaper.

Do not expose them to the sun, as this will have a negative impact on their color. Once dry, to give them back their shine, you just have to apply some natural oil with a cloth.

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