Natural or synthetic hair extension: which is the best choice?

From time immemorial, hair has been a symbol of femininity and seduction for women. This symbolism is still relevant today. The fashion is for long and voluminous hair. We find on the market a wide range of extensions, made with natural or synthetic hair, to change our head when we want and how we want. But how to make the right choice between the different types of hair extensions? The answer here.

Natural hair extensions vs synthetic hair extensions

Whether natural or synthetic, hair extensions come in different textures (afro, kinky, water wave, curly, etc.), lengths and colors. They are particularly suitable for short, thin hair that needs length and volume.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages. You will find a wide range of hair extensions on online stores like hairdiva.

Natural hair extensions

Natural hair extensions are locks made of 100% natural hair of human origin whose original direction of growth has been respected. It is this particularity that allows the extensions to remain flexible for a long time.

When properly maintained, they can last a year or more. They blend in easily and naturally with real hair. In addition, they do not tangle and are easy to maintain. They can be straightened or colored without damage, as long as they are of high quality.

The disadvantage is the high cost. In addition, it is difficult for a non-professional to distinguish a good quality extension from a poor quality one.

Synthetic hair extensions

They are suitable for those who have a small budget. Their cost is affordable. Just like the previous ones, they bring volume. They last longer than natural hair extensions after straightening or styling.

On the other hand, the final result is not as natural and they tangle much more easily, which is explained by the synthetic nature of the fibers different from natural hair. On the other hand, they do not last long (6 months at most) and cannot be recolored.

How to choose the right hair extension material?

High quality hair extensions exist in both natural and synthetic fibers. Their price increases with the quality. With the flourishing of the human hair trade, it is increasingly difficult to differentiate between the two types of extensions, as they can be so similar.

Synthetic extensions are suitable for occasional use. They are :

  • easy to apply ;
  • detachable at will;
  • less expensive ;
  • and flexible.

As for natural extensions, they are more suitable for permanent wear. If you are a strong believer in ethics, these extensions may not be for you because of their origin.

How to apply hair extensions?

Hair extensions can be installed at home or in a hair salon. The easiest to install yourself are the clip-in extensions. On the other hand, weaving or keratin point hair extensions require the services of a professional hairdresser.

You now know the advantages and disadvantages of each type of hair extension. Other criteria such as length and color should not be overlooked when choosing hair extensions.

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