Summer 2022: the fouta trend

The fouta, a fabric which is formerly adopted in the hammams in Tunisia, becomes more and more appreciated by the French. We owe this craze to its lightness, its softness and its ease of maintenance. In addition, this Tunisian fabric dries quickly and this is precisely one of the reasons why it is generally used at the beach and pool. It can be worn in many ways. If you want to enjoy the summer at the beach or pool, we reveal some interesting tips to wear your fouta.

The fouta in low-cut dress mode

One of the best ways to wear the fouta in summer this year is as a low-cut dress. It’s a way to show off your figure. Indeed, to adopt this style with the fouta available on Lestoff, you just have to tie it around your bust by making a turn under the armpits. As for the bow, you have the choice to put it aside or place it nicely in the center of your chest. Wearing it this way is a perfect solution for strolling on the beach. Likewise, this style is still valid for an occasion of sharing a drink around a pool.

The fouta in an asymmetrical dress

You can use your fouta in another way by opting for the asymmetrical dress style. This is one of the most popular options. The fact is that it does not require enough time to put on or take off the beach towel. To put it on, just place it asymmetrically on the shoulder. Thus, it will hang longer on one side than the second. It will depend on your preference.

The fouta as a neckline dress

Another better way to wear your fouta is as a neckline dress. Here, simply place the fabric horizontally behind you so that it covers your entire body. After that, now focus your attention on the two tips on top. It is a matter of crossing them over the chest and tying them around the neck. The result is not only elegant, but you also have the ability to easily remove it at the appropriate time.

The fouta in overalls mode

Wearing the fouta as overalls is a solution that offers more appeal and thus attracts the eyes. To do this, the first step is to place the fabric vertically in front of you. Tie the two points around the neck so that the lower part passes between the legs. However, the fabric may squeeze your crotch, so be careful.

To finish, just tie the lower ends at your waist. The result is simply elegant, original and simple. In fact, this idea is recommended especially when it’s a bit windy in summer.

Basically, fouta have many functions, but what interests in summer is their usefulness at the beach and pool, as well as the different ways to wear them for one occasion or another.

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