The Latest Jewelry Trends for Spring

Discover the Latest Jewelry Trends for Spring

Spring is a time of new beginnings, and we’re already seeing this reflected in some of the most exciting jewelry trends of the season. From daring statement pieces to accessories that reflect a reverence for nature, this season is all about embracing individuality and creating an edgy yet elegant look. So if you’re wondering what jewelry pieces are going to be everywhere this season, then read on to find out!

Pandora-Inspired Jewelry

This season is all about an ethereal and romantic aesthetic. Meaning, there’s lots of space for pieces that look like they were taken straight from a Pandora charm bracelet. From hearts and bows to fairies, flowers, and butterflies, the pieces you choose should be full of pastel colouring and whimsical detail, to create a truly magical look this spring.

Ear-Action Jewelry

This season we’re seeing a lot of shoulder-dusting earrings and layered hoop earrings. Bold, asymmetrical patterns are another great option, so don’t feel limited by traditional options. Whether you’re into flowing, minimal shapes or feel like making a bold statement with some daring tassel earrings, take the opportunity to make your ears a focal point this season.

Bold Statement Neckwear

Nothing speaks louder than some bold statement neckwear this spring. Whether this is a dramatic collar-style pendant or a multi-layered choker — big, bold pieces like this can often make you look twice. A great alternative is to bring attention to your shoulder and upper-body with some fashionable shoulder pieces, which look particularly striking if they have added embellishments like gemstones or pavé.

Respect for Nature

Spring is a time of renewal and regeneration, so it’s no surprise that nature-inspired pieces are reigning supreme this season. To pay homage to nature, why not choose one of the pieces below:

  • Ear Cuffs: If you’re after a slightly less daring look, a gentle nature-inspired ear cuff can still bring plenty of interest to your look.
  • Charm Chains: Dainty charm chains that pay homage to spring flowers, ladybirds and butterflies are a great way to reflect a respect for nature in a subtle way.
  • Tinnis: In keeping with the ethereal nature trend, tinkling tinnis remain popular this season, as they brush your neckline with a subtle and comforting sound.

No matter which pieces you choose this season, it’s essential to think carefully about the kind of materials you’re wearing. Rose gold and silver are longstanding favorites, but this season also offers plenty of opportunities to experiment with eco friendly and organic materials such as bamboo, wood, and sustainable laces.

In short, this spring is all about creating an individual yet stylish look in a sustainable way. From Pandora-inspired pieces and bold statement necklaces, to ear cuffs and eco-friendly materials — there’s lots to explore this season, so make sure to choose pieces that make you feel truly unique.

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