The Top Sustainable and Ethical Fashion Brands for 2022

A Guide to Finding Sustainable and Ethical Fashion Shopping Options in 2022

More and more people are looking for alternatives to fast fashion, with sustainability and ethical fashion becoming the focus of conscious consumers in 2022. Ethical and sustainable fashion is more than just a trend, it’s an acknowledgement of our responsibility towards others and the environment. Whether you’re looking to buy a specific ethical garment, complete a full wardrobe renewal with eco-friendly materials, or become educated on your fashion choices and the impact they have, read on to find out what options are available in 2022 and how to make the best choices.

What is Sustainable and Ethical Fashion?

Sustainable fashion is a movement that promotes an environmentally friendly and ethical approach to clothing production. It seeks to integrate ecological, social, and economic systems in their design so that apparel, accessories, and shoes are produced with minimized waste and an eye towards sustainability. Sustainable fashion focuses on high-quality materials, sourcing from eco-friendly carriers and suppliers, reducing water and energy consumption, and reducing wastage.

Ethical fashion works to protect worker and human rights, eliminate exploitative labor practices, and ensure that manufacturers abide by international standards for labor. It examines and addresses the entire production line, including the sourcing of raw materials, conditions of workers, manufacturing processes, environmental impact, and the treatment of animals.

Where to Find Sustainable and Ethical Clothing Brands in 2022

There are plenty of sustainable fashion brands that offer apparel and accessories for both adults and kids. These fashion brands go above and beyond, using eco-friendly materials and practices, and adhering to the highest labor standards. Here are some of the best sustainable and ethical fashion brands for 2022:

  • Patagonia – Patagonia is an iconic outdoor apparel company that focuses on creating sustainable and utilitarian clothing of the highest quality. Their focus on environmental responsibility is impressive, and they often use recycled plastic bottles and other sustainable materials to create their apparel.
  • People Tree – People Tree established the first clothing manufacturing training program in South Asia, offering training in the handcrafts of embroidery, dyeing and sewing. All clothing is made with certified organic cotton that is grown in a sustainable manner.
  • Everlane – Everlane’s mission is to produce modern basics in an ethical manner. They carefully source their materials and ensure that strict labor standards are upheld in their factories. They also provide information about their factories, materials and workers on their website.
  • Indigenous – Indigenous focuses on apparel made from their own line of sustainable fibers such as alpaca, merino wool, and organic cotton. They use cutting-edge technology and eco-friendly production methods to ensure the highest quality of the garments.
  • Taylor Stitch – Taylor Stitch creates apparel that’s both stylish and eco-friendly. They use natural, sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton and Tencel and strive to create clothing that is both fashionable and comfortable.

These shops not only provide ethically and sustainably made clothing, but they also provide consumers with more assurance that the companies they are buying from are taking social and environmental responsibility seriously.

Tips for Shopping Sustainably and Ethically

When shopping sustainably and ethically, there are a few things to consider:

  • Do your research – Ensure you’re buying from ethical and sustainable sources by doing your own research. Take the time to investigate a company’s production process and supply chain.
  • Choose recyclable materials – Seek out shirts, sweaters and pants that are made out of fabrics that are recyclable and/or biodegradable.
  • Shop second-hand – Consider thrift shopping to purchase gently used clothing and accessories that are still in great condition.
  • Purchase consciously – Place a higher value on quality and invest in clothing that will last for a few years.
  • Support sustainable and ethical brands – As much as possible, purchase from the brands listed above or other ethical and sustainable fashion brands.

By taking these steps, even small steps like cutting out fast fashion from your wardrobe, you can do your part to ensure that your clothing has a minimal impact on the environment.

Shopping for sustainable and ethical fashion in 2022 doesn’t have to be a difficult task, as there are plenty of excellent options available. Armed with the knowledge of what sustainable and ethical fashion entails and some tips on where to find it, you can make conscious decisions and contribute to a more sustainable and ethical fashion industry.

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