The Top Sustainable Fashion and Beauty Brands to Look Out For in 2022

Sustainable Fashion & Beauty Brands to Invest In for an Eco-Friendly Future

As the world is making a shift towards a more conscious lifestyle, the fashion industry is increasing its focus on sustainability. And it’s no wonder that sustainable fashion and beauty brands are at the forefront of this movement.

Looking to invest in eco-friendly fashion and beauty brands that are set to be big in 2022? Here are the top sustainable fashion and beauty brands to look out for.


Modavanti is a fashion-and beauty-oriented online store that is almost entirely dedicated to ethical and sustainable fashion. The focus is on transparency and sustainability. Modavanti only stocks clothing and accessories made with eco-friendly materials like organic cotton, peace silk, vegan leather, and recycled plastic.

The beauty section of the website is a global marketplace of clean beauty products. It features products from ethical brands such as Josh Rosebrook, Nini Organics, and One Love Organics, All brands have been through a rigorous process of verification to ensure that their practices are ethical and sustainable.

The Reformation

The Reformation offers luxury clothing that focuses on sustainable material sourcing, ethical labor practices and reducing waste. The website has a unique section, Reformation’s “Project Zero”, which is a carbon, waste, and water neutrality program. The aim of this section is to reduce their carbon emissions. All of their garments are made with sustainable materials such as Tencel, hemp, and organic cotton.

The Reformation provides transparent pricing on the website and everything is made with conscientious customers in mind. The brand offers great investment pieces that are sure to last year after year.

United By Blue

United By Blue is an outdoor lifestyle brand that focuses on environmental conservation. They create sustainable fashion and beauty products using recycled materials. The brand has two main goals: to produce sustainable products and to clean-up oceans, beaches and rivers around the world.

The fashion line includes colorful clothing for all genders. They use eco-friendly materials such as organic and recycled cotton, hemp and wool, as well as natural yarns and recycled polyester.

In terms of beauty, the brand focuses on organic and natural ingredients. Their website also provides helpful advice on how to take better care of our planet by reducing your waste and opting for more sustainable consumption.

Ace and Tate

Ace and Tate is a luxury eyewear brand that crafts timeless eyeglasses and sunglasses with a focus on sustainability. Their first sustainable collection is made entirely from recycled and biosynthetic materials. This includes titanium, high-grade plastic, and rubber.

The frames are made from recycled plastic water bottles, rubber from recycled car tires, and bioplastic from castor oil plants. The brand also uses ethical and sustainable, non-toxic production methods, making their products perfect for keeping pollutants out of the environment.


When it comes to making the world more sustainable for future generations, sustainable fashion and beauty are a society’s way of investing in a greener future. These are the top sustainable fashion and beauty brands to look out for in 2022, each with their own unique focus on transparency, sustainability, and environmental conservation. These brands are not only leading the way in terms of their commitment to the environment, they also make it easier for us to make better fashion and beauty choices. So, what are you waiting for? Invest in these eco-friendly fashion and beauty brands and start making a positive change today.

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