What are the latest trends in jewelry?

Jewelry remains the accessory with which men and women express their personality. Jewelry, by its uniqueness, allows to express or symbolize the identity or the belonging to a group, an ethnic group or a class of the society. In the old days, kings and queens were covered with beautiful jewels, gold and diamond ornaments, since these jewels have a great importance in human societies. With the evolution of the world today, there are countless categories of jewelry on the market. And it is precisely this that brings a certain elegance and allows men to better refine their personality. But in 2022, what are the latest jewelry trends?

Rings in series

Serial rings nowadays occupy an important place in the style of dress. They add an aesthetic touch to your look. This is a trend that is not only reserved for models and celebrities. You can adopt it to embellish your phalanxes without reservation. You can find all shapes, colors and materials on the market. It is up to you to choose the model that best suits your desires. However, it is advisable to opt for thin models or with several strands with simple pearls.


Omnipresent for several years now, earrings have also been assigned to the latest trends in jewelry. They are actually chips or a dangling stone to create a unique look. You will certainly find some that are in the shape of studs creole or even earcuff. They are available in many shapes, materials, colors and thicknesses. They serve more the female gender, because they help them to impose their style and assert their personality. For more charm, it is recommended to opt for earrings that adapt to the morphology of the face.


Symbols of elegance and glamour, pearls are back on the podium of jewelry trends. They have never failed to seduce fashion lovers and individuals alike. You will find on the market a variety of models assembled with several stones and allowing to give a contemporary look. To sublimate your clothing style, you can opt for choker models, models in the form of mother-of-pearl and presenting itself as a real substitute for diamond. Thus, you can easily enhance your outfits with the ultra-sophisticated look of pearls.

Ethnic jewelry

Ethnic jewelry is very attractive and suitable for contemporary outfits. The designers of these ethnic jewelry usually offer a variety of models with several patterns in sparkling colors. You can therefore associate them with a light dress, a bohemian dress or a beach dress. These ethnic jewels are available in XXL necklaces, rings with integrated stones, oversized earrings and many other models. Also, the manufacturers give you the possibility to make your own combination to get your ethnic jewelry.


The creoles are timeless jewelry that continues to invade the market. You will find in particular the transparent creoles, in silver, flocked with leopard prints. They bring more femininity to your looks by adapting to all clothing styles. You can have them accompanied by a pendant or not. If you have a triangular or rectangular face, the creoles are perfect for its softening. You should therefore avoid graphic or angular earrings that are likely to accentuate the linear features of your face.

Chokers allurés

Very present on the catwalks, the allured Chokers are graphic chokers which take again of the light. You will find several models on the market such as the minimal or tinted version and even the vintage twist made with velvet and Swarovski crystal hybrids. This is a real popular fashion style that has been able to seduce more than one person.

Personal message

This is a classic personalization that consists in scratching the first name of a loved one on a piece of jewelry. It is a concept that has been around for several years now and is very popular. You can do it for a close relative, a friend or a family member to show your affection. This can be done on the occasion of a birthday party or other events.

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