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What is the difference between skinny and slim jeans for men?

Are skinny jeans and slim jeans the same thing? Being body-hugging pants that bring out the beautiful shape, these two denims differ in their material and in the way they should be worn. Which one to choose? Which of these two inexpensive but fashionable jeans will bring out the tapered legs better? This article will give you a little brief on the difference between slim and skinny and when to wear them.

The skinny: a very fashionable tight material

The skinny is an English term that takes its origin from the word “skin” or “skin” in French. It is therefore a second skin. That’s why these jeans are quite narrow and stand out especially for their tightness. With this denim, your shape and your muscles will be well highlighted gentlemen. There is something to make the girls dream!

In addition, there are models in low or normal size. If however, you have curves, if your physique bothers you, you must be careful. It may reinforce your complexity even more. If you like the clothes ready of the body, you will be well spoiled. But what are the advantages of this denim? You want to highlight your buttocks? With this skinny model, these skinny jeans will make them stand out. However, you have to choose the model that suits your body, or more precisely a cut that is suitable for you.

On the other hand, for the big cotton fanatics, this denim skinny cut man will not be able to satisfy them on this point. It is not entirely made of cotton, and some models, like the super power stretch is formed largely of elastane. That’s why it is very elastic! But again, avoid these pants very tight to the body if you have very rounded forms.

Definition of slim jeans: to draw your curves well

A slim denim is as its name indicates, “slim”. What it has in common with skinny jeans is that they are narrow and fit your body perfectly. It emphasizes the shape of your body to highlight your tapered legs and muscles. Unlike the skinny, the slim denim is not sticky, even if you choose the model with elastane. It also fits many body types even if you have curves or rounded thighs.

With a man’s slim jeans, you can find a model with a 100% cotton material. This type of jeans hides some imperfections while offering a nice silhouette. Moreover, for a casual, elegant, chic look, it is suitable at any time. The only condition to wear it well is to choose the one that suits your size.

If your size is 40, you will not choose a slim 38. All your little bulges will be well put forward in this case.

With this type of pants, you do not risk falling into the fashion faux pas. So skinny jeans or jeans fitted to the body, you make the choice!

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