Which sweater to wear with a shirt?

The stylish shirt for men is one of the pieces that goes well with different types of sweaters. By adopting a sweater/shirt combo, you will definitely look chic while being casual.

So to find the right combination, you just need to make the right choice of sweater. To help you out, here are some tips on how to look good with your knitwear and shirt.

Types of sweaters to wear with a shirt

With the many knitwear patterns out there, you have a wide choice of patterns that can be paired with your shirt. You have the timeless and classic V-neck sweater, known to be the ideal sweater to put with a shirt. To complete your look both classy, but not too much, it is the ideal piece if you want to have elegance to go to the office. To wear it well just make sure that the V of your sweater is in the right place, neither too high nor too low. Make sure that the collar only shows two buttons on the shirt.

There is also the Norwegian or Irish or navy round neck sweater. For a casual style, you can choose this model. Choose the model that suits you with the right color. For a little more fun and elegance at the same time, choose the plain color, but nothing prevents you from choosing models with patterns.

Do you like the shawl collar? With a very stylish collar wrapping around your throat, you can wear it without any problem with a shirt. Perfectly dedicated to gentlemen with a slim figure, worn with a shirt, it will offer you a good look while protecting your neck.

Although it is out of fashion, the sleeveless sweater or vest, is the perfect piece to be worn with your shirt and to be comfortable in. Although it appeals more to the older crowd, some young people can still wear it.

Some tips to ensure the marriage of the sweater and your shirt?

To look good in your sweater with shirt, you need to select the right sweater model and color to wear it well.

For the round neck, if you want to wear it with a shirt, then make sure it has a soft collar or American collar.you should not in any case show the collar of your shirt through your sweater to avoid a fashion faux pas.
For the V-neck sweater, although it is the best piece to go with your shirt, you still need to follow some rules to wear them, because apparently, many men do not know how to choose the best V-neck sweater/shirt combination. To achieve your chic look, gentlemen, avoid choosing a shirt that is too large. To appear elegant, it is imperative to button the second button. For a better contrast between the two pieces, avoid tone on tone.
For cardigans, always select the model with a V-neck for more comfort.
To avoid the “too much” and cheesy effect, never wear a turtleneck sweater with a shirt with a high collar. Be sure that this combination is very inconsistent.

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