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It was not until December 19, 1967, and the passage of the Neurwith law that contraceptive use was authorized in France. Today, more than 76% of French women between the ages of 20 and 44 use a method of contraception. Used by more than 32% of women, the pill is the primary method of contraception, ahead of the IUD (18%) and condoms (12%). Among women aged 15 to 29, the pill represents more than 78% of contraceptive methods used.

Between the first pills launched in the first half of the 20th century and the most recent ones dating from the 2000s, the various pills are listed across 4 generations. The contraceptive pill Zoely is a “combined” pill incorporating both a progestin nomegestrol acetate and an estrogen estradiol. It is a single-phase pill, which means that all tablets are identical.

The Zoely birth control pill requires a prescription from your doctor or gynecologist. The purpose of the prescription is to determine whether or not you are at risk. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about this 4th generation pill (presentation, effectiveness, risks, side effects, etc.).

Presentation of the zoely pill: composition, dosage, etc.

Let’s start by introducing the Zoely contraceptive pill: as indicated in the introduction, each tablet is composed of two hormones: 1.5 mg of estradiol estrogen and 2.5 mg of the progestin nomegestrol.

It is presented in the form of a blister pack of 28 tablets. The first 24 tablets are white and active, i.e. they contain both hormones. The last 4 tablets are yellow and inactive. These allow you to finish the pack at the rate of one tablet per day, without having to take a 7-day break between packs, as is the case with other generations of pills. The treatment must be started on the first day of the period, and one tablet taken at the same time each day.

This pill has the advantage of having reduced side effects. However, like many birth control pills, it may not be recommended if you have a higher risk of venous thromboembolism (VTE) and arterial thromboembolism (ATE).

Is the Zoely birth control pill really effective?

The effectiveness of the Zoely Pill depends primarily on whether you take it every day. As a single-phase pill, you must take one tablet at the same time each day for 28 days, starting on the first day of your menstrual cycle. Once the pack is finished, you must take a new pack the next day.

Using precisely this method, the Zoely contraceptive pill has a “pearl” index of 0.4. This means that out of every 100 women, the number of pregnancies is estimated at 0.4. In other words, the effectiveness rate of the Zoely Pill is 99.6%.

This is about average for birth control pills. Since there is no such thing as zero risk, it is impossible to say that a pill is 100% “safe”. But if you follow the instructions, there’s no reason you can’t get pregnant. To make sure you don’t forget to take your pill, a little reminder on your phone is a more than welcome help.

Other advantages and effects on the body of this pill

Each tablet contains a progestin hormone and an estrogen hormone. The first one allows to put ovulation to sleep. It will thicken the cervical mucus blocking the ascent of spermatozoa beyond the cervix. This simply prevents fertilization from taking place. It also makes the uterine lining unsuitable for implantation of an embryo, blocking implantation.

Estrogen is naturally present in the woman’s body. It is useful for the growth of the female sexual organs. It is also essential in bone composition. Estrogen is also an essential hormone for the proper functioning of menstruation. It also plays a role in a woman’s sexual desire. According to various experts, this hormone also appears to reduce heart disease.

In addition to these characteristics, the Zoely pill is favorable to the development of good cholesterol. It also plays a positive role against cellulite and weight gain.

However, it is primarily a contraceptive pill and these additional positive effects are not visible in “all” women.

How to use the Zoely pill: instructions for use
The Zoely package consists of 24 active tablets and 4 inactive tablets. To know how to use and when to start the Zoely pill, whether or not you took hormonal contraception during the previous menstrual cycle should be taken into account:

  • No use of hormonal contraception during the last cycle: start the pack on the 1st day of your period and begin with the 1st tablet. You must then take one tablet each day at the same time, respecting the order of the pack. Once this one is finished, you must start a new pack the next day.
  • Using a combined oral contraceptive: start the pack the day after the last active tablet or the day after the 7-day break.
  • Using a vaginal ring or contraceptive patch: start Zoely on the day of removal or the day of the new patch.
  • Use of a non-combined progestin-only pill: start the pack the day after stopping the progestin-only pill. It is advisable to use a complementary mechanical contraceptive for the first 7 days.
  • Using an intrauterine device (IUD) injection: start the Zoely pill on the day the next injection was scheduled. It is advisable to use a complementary mechanical contraceptive for the first 7 days.
  • Use of a hormonal-release IUD or implant: start the pack on the day of removal. It is advisable to use a complementary mechanical contraceptive for the first 7 days.

Zoely and acne

Acne is one of the most common side effects of taking the Zoely birth control pill. However, this also applies to most other pills.

The Zoely Pill may tend to change the appearance of the skin by making it more oily. This results in a higher risk of acne. However, it should be noted that this side effect depends on the individual’s skin. Acne is more likely to develop in women with a progesterone profile, which means that their skin is more susceptible to acne. If you do not have acne-prone skin, you should be spared this side effect.

But it is true that with the Zoely pill this side effect is more common. According to a test of 3,200 women, 15% had acne.

Zoely and weight gain

Still among the side effects associated with certain contraceptive pills, weight gain is often mentioned. In reality, it is difficult to establish a link between the pill and weight gain.

Moreover, it depends mainly on your physical characteristics and lifestyle. On the other hand, sometimes birth control pills can lead to weight loss. In fact, the estrogens present in certain pills such as Zoely can promote weight loss. Once again, it all depends on the profile of each woman.

According to the same test mentioned above with 3,200 women, approximately 8.6% reported weight gain. However, it is difficult to estimate the extent to which the Zoely Pill may be responsible for this weight gain.

Risks, side effects and contraindications

As we have just seen, acne and weight gain can be side effects of the Zoely contraceptive pill. Other side effects may occur, the most common of which are: hot flashes, mood changes, breast tension, vaginal dryness, menstrual disturbances, nausea and headaches. Depending on the woman, these effects may or may not occur. However, if they become too severe, be sure to discuss them with your doctor.

Also, like most pills, there is a risk of venous thromboembolism (VTE) and arterial thromboembolism (ATE). This is why you need a prescription for Zoely pills. A medical examination is therefore essential to assess the risks.

The use of this type of pill is also contraindicated if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Precautions to take in case of forgetfulness

It is quite common to forget the pill, especially during the first few months. Here is what to do depending on how long it takes you to notice this forgetfulness:

  • If you notice the forgetfulness within 12 hours: ingest the forgotten pill immediately and take the next ones on the usual schedule. In the first 12 hours, the tablet does not lose its effectiveness.
  • If you notice the forgetfulness more than 12 hours later it depends on when in the cycle the forgetfulness occurs. In all cases, it is advised to use a condom during the 7 days which follow this lapse of memory. Also, if you had sexual intercourse in the 5 days preceding the omission, take a morning-after pill.
  • From the 1st to the 7th day: ingest the forgotten pill, then resume the normal cycle.
  • From day 8 to day 17: ingest the forgotten pill, then resume the normal cycle.
  • Days 18-24: you can either:
    • Ingest the missed tablet, then resume the normal cycle up to and including the 24th tablet. The day after the 24th tablet, start a new pack without taking the 4 inactive yellow tablets from the previous pack.
    • Immediately switch to the inactive yellow tablets (one per day according to the usual schedule) without swallowing the forgotten tablet or the remaining white tablets. The day after the last of the 4 yellow tablets is swallowed, start a new pack.

If you forget to take the tablet on time, there is no risk of pregnancy. But to avoid this kind of forgetfulness, we advise you to create a notification on your cell phone calendar.

Our opinion: for whom is the Zoely pill intended?

The Zoely pill is intended for all women looking for an oral contraceptive method. It requires a prescription from your gynecologist or doctor. With an efficacy rate of over 99%, it is an excellent method of contraception.

However, like all contraceptive pills, it can cause side effects, including acne for the most sensitive skin.

Also, it must be taken according to the instructions, i.e. by taking a daily pill at the same time and by taking a new pack the day after the last pill (the 4th yellow pill).

Where can I buy the Zoely pill and at what price?

You can buy the Zoely contraceptive pill at any pharmacy. The price for a one-month pack is between 10 and 15 euros.

It is also available in online pharmacies. We advise you to visit the online pharmacy Treated. A very practical solution if you don’t have a pharmacy nearby or if you simply want to make your life easier!

Consider the morning-after pill

When you forget your regular pill, the chances of getting pregnant are high, especially when you are close to ovulation. You may need to take the morning-after pill, which is available under certain conditions, especially in pharmacies.

You must be under 18 years of age to obtain the pill free of charge at a pharmacy or family planning clinic.
The price is between 4 and 7 euros, depending on the products and the pharmacies that do not require a prescription.
There is no reimbursement for this morning-after pill.
This pill must be taken immediately after unprotected sexual intercourse and without a means of contraception.
Generally, ovulation is impossible with this pill, but it is not a conventional contraception. It should therefore only be taken when the situation requires it. For example, you have had unprotected sex and forgotten your traditional pill. In this case, it is wise to opt for additional protection with the morning-after pill, especially if you absolutely do not want to have a child. Sometimes, such an incident is at the origin of a desire to keep the baby since a desire to be a parent is revealed.

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